Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Calculator Review

Unlike its other siblings, the TI-36X Pro has not gained considerable hype in the industry. However, to your wonder, tons of features are packed in this scientific calculator. Ti 36X Pro is designed for entry-level high school and college students. It can work for the curricula where the use of a calculator with graphing capabilities is not permitted.

At an affordable price, you can unlock various essential features regarding science, math, algebra 1 and 2, statistics, and calculus. It is also ideal for engineering classes.

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Calculator Review

Features of Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro

It comes with dimensions of 9.76 x 6.77 x 1.1 inches. This calculator can be powered by 4 ounces of Lithium Metal batteries which are long-lasting and lightweight. A solar plate is also made part of its design to compensate for any contingent failure of batteries.


It works on the principle of ADP (Automated Down Power). The display screen automatically disappears and turns off if not used for more than 5 minutes.  This feature not only saves the waste of power but also helps the calculator retain the operations that were being performed previously.

Display Contrast

screen on ti36X pro calculator

You can adjust the brightness of the screen as per day and night time. Press the 2nd key to adjust the light of the LCD.

Multi-view Screen

display screen

Ti 36X pro has the maximum capacity of displaying 16 characters per four lines. With plenty of room on its screen, it displays input and output simultaneously.

Math Print View

This is a significant feature that differentiates it from other scientific calculators. It previews the fractions in proper math notation which intact the student’s focus.

Multiple Key Functions

Almost all the keys perform dual functions. The primary function of the key is encrypted on it and the secondary function is written above it.

You can activate the second function by pressing the 2nd key. The device also notifies the activation of the function by displaying it in the above corner of the screen.

Equation Solver

Unlike other scientific calculators, this unit has the ability to solve a system of linear equations (2*2 and 3*3), polynomial equations (quadratic equations or cubic equations), and a numeric solver.

In equation solver, the product indicates a unique solution or the number of infinite or no solutions on the screen.

Number Bases

Ti-36X Pro can convert any real number into the specified bases. It can be used for different conversions such as fraction to decimal, square root to decimal, decimal to binary, and temperature conversions, etc.

Engineering Features

Functions like integrals, derivatives to real numbers, and matrices can be evaluated using this device.

It can add, subtract, and multiply the matrices of up to 3*3 order. Besides it also allows scalar and vector multiplication of a matrix.

It can evaluate determinant, inverse, transpose, and reduce echelon form.cIt also has the ability to find dot product and cross product of a vector.


  • The unit also allows you to write numerals in different formats such as radians, degrees, fixed or floating numbers, etc.
  • Choose DEG RAD GRAD to set the angles mode.
  • NORM SCI ENG is used for numeric notation mode.
  • It can also display numbers in a scientific notation format,
  • Float is the decimal notation mode.
  • Real is the mode for complex numbers like a+bi.
  • DEC HEX BIN OCT they are used for base conversions.

Trigonometric Functions

With its multi-tap keys, you can find a number of trigonometric functions like sin, cos, tan, sin-1, cos-1, and tan-1. It can calculate hyperbolic calculations.

trignometric functions buttons TI36X Pro

Saves History Records and Recalls Answers

The gadget can keep a record of the calculations until and unless you last cleared it.

In fact, it retains the result of the last calculation performed even if the calculator is powered off.

Logarithmic Evaluations

It can yield a log of a number to its base e. The TI-36X Pro can also calculate the natural log of a number by raising 10 to the power you specify.

Statistics, Regression and Distribution

You can solve standard deviation, mean, median, and mode problems from this powerful tool.

It can also convert from rectangular to Polar conversion of a vector. You can find MOD and modulus using this scientific calculator.

Similarly, it is ideal for solving probability problems. It can compute a possible number of combinations (nCr) and permutations (nPr).

This unit has a built-in capacity to solve variance problems. It helps you to solve factorization problems in the least possible time.

Ti 36X pro can easily compute GCD and LCM. It allows metric conversions, temperature conversions, speed and length conversions, power and energy conversions, and pressure conversions

Complex Numbers

The calculator can Add, subtract, multiply, and divide a complex number.vIt can also perform the following operations on complex numbers.

design on TI-36X pro compared to other calculators
Ti-36X picture comparison with other Ti calculators

How to Use TI-36X Pro

It comes with a detailed user manual. Brief step-by-step instructions are provided for how to use every single function. In this booklet use of function keys is explained with the help of examples.

Errors and Correction Procedure

 In case your Ti 36X pro detects any error or any of the operations ends up in an error, it returns with the type of error.

For instance, if your device detects the error BREAK, it means that you pressed the ON key to stop the evaluation of an expression. A detailed procedure is given at the end of the user manual to correct these errors.

An informative video on how to use Ti-36X Pro Calculator


  • Durable.
  • You don’t have to worry about changing batteries during exams.  It has solar assistance to lengthen its battery life.
  • It can be used for STEM studies.
  • It is allowed in the exams where graphing calculators are not allowed.
  • It comes with an affordable price tag.
  • To prevent distraction the device lacks the features to communicate with other devices.


  • It lacks CAS functionality.
  • It cannot solve indefinite integrals.
  • A system of linear equations cannot be solved for more than three variables.


Ti-36X Pro is a powerful calculator in the series of non-graphing calculators. It is recommended for middle school students due to its user-oriented interface.

It is menu driven so the students find themselves more engaged in calculations rather than memorizing the keys. The tool has proven itself valuable for the students of STEM.

Ti-36X Pro is also incredible for those enrolled in high school and college. The gadget creates a great difference when it is compared with a traditional calculator.

This calculator can outperform numerous functions a graphing calculator handles except for the graphing features.  Being an economical pack of commendable features it will prove itself to be your long-lasting friend.


Is Ti-36 X allowed for exams?

Yes, it is permitted on various exams where calculators with graphing capabilities are prohibited. It is approved for SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

Can we program Ti-36 X Pro?

No, the unit is non-programmable.

Is Ti-36X Pro rechargeable?

No, it uses non-rechargeable batteries to operate. The batteries are replaceable.

Which is better Ti-30 X or Ti-36 X?

Ti-30 x has a limited number of functions. It can be used for entry-level studies. However, Ti-36X Pro has all the basic and advanced functions needed for math, science, calculus, algebra, statistics, and engineering.