Best Books for SAT Math 1 Preparation (2024)9 min read

The SAT math section evaluates students’ skills in algebra, trigonometry, geometry, probability, statistics, etc. For some students dealing with digits seems to be a nightmare. But the books in this guide will help you conquer the SAT math section in no time.

So to qualify for the SAT exam, will need to study the best books available on the market.


Best Books for SAT Math 1 Section

In this article, we have tried to shortlist the most reviewed and authentic sources to go through the math section of this test.

Kaplan’s SAT Math Preparation

Best Books for SAT Math 1

Kaplan is a trustworthy source when it comes to SAT preparation. The book differs from others based on unique styling and organization of material. The strategies it applies to each problem are easy to comprehend by the students.

 Students around the world have been using this brand to gear themselves up for standardized tests to make their way to their dream institutes.  It guarantees you a 1500-plus score on your maiden attempt.


  • The book is specially designed by subject specialists to cover all the aspects of math in detail.
  • It offers enough practice tests.
  • Repetition of complex problems helps the students to memorize the tactics even well.
  • It patiently describes strategies and tips required to tackle problems of a basic to complex nature.
  • It comes with 10 plus math practice tests.
  • It gives a detailed explanation for every problem.
  • The book has over 400 plus practice questions.
  • The nature of the questions resembles those that come in the official sat exam.

Barron’s Sat Math Workbook

barron sat math part 1 book for prep

Unlike others, the book briefly tries to cover the complete syllabus of sat. Because math seems a difficult task to most students. They have provided due importance to the arithmetic section.


  • It comes with seven full-length practice exercises.
  • They offer digital tuition.
  • Video lectures by Barron are precise and to the point which helps students to engage more.
  • The concepts are explained in such a way that a student can drill problems of any nature easily.
  • Two full-length model tests are available at the end of the book.

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College Board The Official SAT Guide

SAT guide for MATH

When you are pondering over the most authentic sources to consider for Sat preparation, College Board official guide is the only name that clicks your mind.

The questions in this guide come directly from the SAT examiners themselves. The book is an excellent choice if you are self-studying and want to boost your scores in a limited period.


  • The most effective tips and tricks are shared by the SAT experts and can be applied to questions of any nature.
  • The breakdown of steps in the math section is comprehensive enough.
  • The structure and format of questions are similar to those of a real SAT exam.
  • The concepts are taught before the practice exercises so that a student can self-analyze its grey areas.
  • Some of the portions of the book can be accessed via the Internet.
  • Eight full-length tests are available for practice.
  • Mathematical concepts are explained step by step.
  • Online access can be made by clicking on these links

The Princeton Review SAT Math 1

Princeton sat book math

Princeton Review is a well-known name in the field of SAT preparation. They offer a wide range of guides that cover SAT courses holistically as well as in particular.

The writer has explained the core concepts of math casually. Students all around the world are benefiting from their online services as well.


  • It is to the point and covers math topics generally.
  • The book provides extra help for those who need extra help for the quantitative section.
  • Their digital learning platform offers diagnostic tests and then recommends customized study plans.
  • Easy-to-learn strategies are taught to avoid the trap and become masters in choosing the correct option.
  • The guide has 300 plus practice problems with explained answers.
  • Short video lectures keep the student’s attention intact.
  • The guide tries to explain math and two concepts from scratch.
  • It is a budget-friendly package.

McGraw Hills SAT Math Level 1

Math prep SAT book

If you are looking for a single book that covers the SAT syllabus in its entirety this is the one you go for.  It is written by experts in the field to help you self-study at home.  The material in the guide is continuously upgraded as per the changing requirements of the SAT.


  • The guide has online access.
  • Expert strategies are used to single out the correct option.
  • The material in the guide is continuously updated.
  • The math portion is given extra coverage.
  • Immediate feedback is given by the experts on the solution of problems.
  • A glossary of difficult math terms is given separately in the book.
  • It comes with six full-length practice tests.
  • Diagnostic tests are also given in the guide to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the students themselves and prepare accordingly.
  • Its Kindle version is also available.

SAT Math Orange Book 

SAT orange math book

If math is an area that makes you suffer a lot in your mark sheet then the math orange book is a must-have to secure your score. This is one of the most effective books popular among math students.

Unlike others, it helps the students to dive in deep and makes them skilled instead of teaching them shortcuts.


  • It explains every concept from zero.
  • Interactive methods are used to help students retain math concepts.
  • It has more than two hundred practice problems.
  • It also has six hundred mini-problems that are helpful in learning math concepts at the beginner level.
  • Video lectures on these problems are also available online.

SAT Black Book

black book for SAT preparation math part

Mike Barrett an eminent name in the field of SAT Math test preparation. This feature makes it lie in the cadre of the most followed guide for gearing oneself for the SAT.

The book is concise and structured in a systematic way. Although it is not a specific math guide but has briefly comprehended math concepts.


  • Around 600 multiple-choice questions are included that are previously asked in SAT official tests.
  • It applies all the possible procedures to apply a single problem.
  • A step-by-step procedure is given at the end of each problem.
  • The book also provides tips to single out the correct options from the given choices.

Steve Warner Math Series

steve warner SAT book

Among a series of SAT math guides this one has a special place whenever it comes to content review and instructions.

He has structured the book based on difficulty level. The author has laid extra emphasis on clarifying the key concepts of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and others.


  • The practice exercises in the book are arranged on the basis of difficulty level.
  • The questions have a detailed explanation of their solution at the end of each exercise.
  • The book comes in three different series beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Unique tactics have been shared and demonstrated via examples.
  • Practising this guide ensures you 800 plus marks.

PWN the SAT Math Guide

PWN SAT math guide

If you already have a strong grasp on the math section and want to get 800 plus scores in the math section, you need to have this SAT prep book. Rather than explaining the content the book works more on teaching the tactics to filter out the correct option.

Chapters are broken into five major sections: Techniques, Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math.


  • It goes through the SAT math section systematically.
  • The breakdown of steps is made simply.
  • Six practice tests are also included in the book.
  • Online access to the guide also offers alternative study plans.
  • The book is continuously updated as per the requirements of the Official SAT exam.


In a nutshell, remember that no book guarantees you achieve success overnight. But putting continuous effort time and again, in one direction will end up in good grades.

We have made an effort to give you an overview of the books if you are dealing hard with digits. Every book in the list has something unique in common.

Therefore we advise you to rely not upon a single source and consult at least two of them to cover the math syllabus completely. Moreover, the digital version of these books is also available. You can choose the one that best meets your requirements.

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