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Calculatoradvice.com helps you choose the right calculator for solving complex mathematical equations. We teach you how to solve mathematical equations on your calculator step-by-step.

Sheema Ahmed – Content Creator & Editor

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Sheema Ahmed is a passionate writer and educator, specializing in crafting content tailored for individuals preparing for challenging exams such as CSS, SAT, and ACT. Born with a fervour for education, Sheema’s journey began at Hazara University, where she graduated with distinction, solidifying her commitment to academic excellence.

Having personally navigated the rigorous process of preparing for exams like CSS, SAT, and ACT, Sheema brings a unique perspective to her writing. Her firsthand experience equips her with insights into the trials and tribulations that aspiring test-takers often face.

This empathy forms the cornerstone of her writing philosophy, as she strives to demystify complex exam content and provide practical strategies to help individuals succeed.

Sheema’s writing style is characterized by clarity, accessibility, and a genuine desire to empower her readers. Her articles and guides are not just informative but also serve as a source of motivation for those on the challenging journey of exam preparation.

Whether it’s decoding the nuances of CSS essays, unravelling the complexities of SAT math, or offering valuable tips for effective ACT time management, Sheema’s work is a beacon for those seeking guidance.

We are a group of students studying Statistics & Mathematics at the University of Siena, Italy. Together we’ve made this blog to help students facing difficulties in subjects where mathematics is involved.

Calculator Advice started in Siena, Italy
We are based in Siena, Italy

Our Mission

We assist you in making apt decisions by offering comprehensive guides on choosing the right calculator for solving complex equations. Investing in education is the legacy we follow, and it is our priority to equip you with excellent skills so that you can make optimum use of these devices.

Our how-to guides are detailed and easily understandable, providing enough knowledge to operate their special built-in functions. We have tried our best to deal with any confusion that a student can suffer. We, therefore, assure you that this platform will help you deal with calculations effortlessly.

We hope you’ll find up-to-date knowledge on Calculator Advice.

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