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Keiser University GPA Calculator


Keiser University GPA Calculator

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Instructions for Calculating GPA for Keiser University

To calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA), follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Credits and the Grade for each of the courses you want to include in the calculation.
  2. If you’re aiming for a simple average grade calculation, you can either:
  3. Enter the number of Credits you got for each grade.
  4. Leave the Credits fields empty for courses you want to treat equally in terms of weight.
  5. Once the relevant values are entered, simply click on the Calculate GPA button.

To create this calculator, we used the real values provided by Keiser University.

LetterPercentageNumerical Value
Please keep in mind that the grading system may change with time. International universities can change their grading policies anytime, so always contact your college or university to confirm your marks.

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