Ti-85 VS Ti-84 Calculator – Which One to Go With?

Ti-84 and Ti-85 both are the best calculators for solving complex equations. This makes it difficult for newbies to choose the right one. In this article, we will try to contrast and compare the important features of these two calculators ti-85 and ti-84 plus.

The Ti-84 Plus proves a significant improvement over the Ti-85, offering enhanced functionality, a user-friendly interface, and powerful processing capabilities, making it the ideal choice for tackling complex equations and mathematical tasks efficiently. Though slightly pricier, the comprehensive features of Ti-84 justify the investment for those seeking a reliable calculator for advanced mathematical applications.

Ti-85 VS Ti-84 Calculator Comparison

So here are the main differences between both of these calculators:

Processor Zilog Z80 6 MHZZilog Z80 15 MHZ
Screen Resolution128×64 pixels320×240 pixels
Display21 characters per eight lines16 characters per 8 lines
Major FunctionsEngineering & CalculusMaths, Interactive Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Graphing
Ti-85 vs Ti-84 plus Series Specs Comparison

Ti-85 Calculator

The Ti-85 was launched in the ’90s as Ti’s second graphing calculator. Not only can it cater to the needs of the students majoring in engineering and calculus. However, this calculator works in solving math, statistics, and science equations.

Ti-85 VS Ti-84 Calculator
Image Credit: Texas Instruments

Equipped with graphing capabilities, the unit is loaded with up to 99 defined graphing functions. It helps you to plot and analyze parametric equations and polar equations simultaneously. It can also compute differential equations.

Ti-85 is ideal for solving pre-algebra and basic statistical functions.  It can compute mean, median and mod can solve powers to logarithm, exponents, quadratic polynomial, cubic polynomial, matrix, and regression analysis.

The unit can solve trigonometric functions like cos, sin, tan, and cotan.

This Ti-85 calculator comes with the Zilog Z80 6 MHz processor for faster calculations.

This calculator has a wide display of 8 lines long and 21 characters wide. Such a huge display omits the need to scroll the screen while entering and analyzing data.  

This calculator has 28KB RAM to perform multiple mathematical operations without slowing down.

The I/O port design helps to create a connection with other compatible devices such as Ti-86.

The Ti-85 calculator is powered by x4 AAA lithium batteries. Lastly, there’s a year of warranty from Texas Instruments for the Ti-85 calculator.


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is designed for basic engineering and calculus.
  • It is programmable.
  • It comes with a comprehensive how-to-use guide.


  • It has meagre storage memory.
  • The device is not rechargeable.
  • A limited range of other functions.
  • The device does not support the latest updates and has obsolete features.

Ti-84 Calculator

The Ti-84 calculator is among the advanced versions of Ti calculators. This calculator was launched back in the year 2000. Ti-84 Plus is an ample device for those entering high school or college.

comparison of ti 85 vs ti 84
Image Credit: Texas Instruments

Ti 84 plus supports all the apps of Ti models specifically Ti 83. The calculator is good for statistics, science tools, interactive geometry, calculus, probability, and regression analysis. It also has upgraded graphing technology.

Unlike Ti-85 the unit has an upgraded Zi log Z80 15 MHZ processor and 128 KB RAM, providing enough memory to run the programs without glitches.

What makes Ti-84 different from its predecessors is its easy-to-use interface. Its math print technology allows you to insert the equations and their expressions in proper math format.

Its captivating 320×240 pixels high-resolution LCD visualizes results in a readable form.

Among its pre-loaded apps, graphing is one of the vital functions the unit offers. Ti-84 calculator uses an advanced interface to plot iconic graphing and inequality graphing.

This calculator can draw graphs in six patterns namely scatter, box-and-whisker, XY-line, histogram, and normal probability plots.

The split-screen function previews the equation, its graph, and the coordinates. At the same time. Along with that one can navigate to any point on the graph.

Ti-84 Plus can solve the negative of complex numbers, a function that all the previous Ti models lacked.

The Ti-84 calculator, renowned for its advanced features and reliable performance, is powered by four AAA alkaline batteries, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent battery replacements.

One silver oxide battery is also included to back up the data in case of battery failure.

This calculator also has an I/O port with a USB port to transfer data to your computer.


  • The device is three times faster than its predecessors.
  • It provides ample functions at such an economical price.
  • The backlit screen makes the device easier to work in dim light.
  • The unit has a maximum storage of 128kb.  
  • Its I/O port helps it to communicate with other Ti devices.
  • The unit supports almost all the apps of Ti models specifically ti-83.
  • It is approved for PSAT, SAT, and ACT.


  • It is a non-rechargeable device.
  • Its monochrome screen can be damaged if under pressure.


Is Ti-84 Plus an older version or Ti-85?

Ti-84 Plus was launched several years after the Ti-85 calculator.

Is there any major difference in the working of Ti-85 and Ti-84 Plus?

Yes, Ti-85 is specifically designed for the basic calculations of engineering and calculus. The graphing functions provided by this device are limited and obsolete.

However, Ti-84 is equipped with advanced graphing technology. Moreover, it is flooded with the essential features to compute math, statistics, calculus, trigonometry, algebra, differential and integral equations, etc.

Verdict, Ti-85 or Ti-84?

The Ti-84 Plus outshines the older Ti-85 calculator with its superior features and user-friendly interface. With a more advanced processor and a broader range of functions, the Ti-84 Plus is a powerhouse for tackling complex equations and mathematical tasks.

While the Ti-85 excels in its expansive display, the Ti-84 Plus offers a comprehensive package that justifies its slightly higher price point. If you’re seeking a calculator to handle intricate equations with ease, investing in the Ti-84 Plus is undoubtedly worthwhile.

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