How to Use Sigma Notation/Summation on Ti-84 Graphing Calculator

Sigma notation is used to solve the sum of functions It usually took hours to evaluate these sums by hand. The ti-84 graphing calculator has made it easier for its users to evaluate these sums in less than a minute. The Ti-84 calculator now comes with its enhanced features including ‘sum’, ‘series’, ’sequence’(seq), memory archive, etc

This time-efficient device enables its users to avoid hassles that come during the evaluation of complex functions. Let’s discuss the steps to be followed for effectively dealing with these functions.

How to do Sigma Notation on Ti-84 Calculator

The summation of Ti-84 is simple, all you need is to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Opt for Summation Notation.

Summation notation or sigma option is present in the (math) menu of your Ti-84.

  • Press math.
  • Scroll down until you reach the ‘summation’ option.
  • Press enter.
  • A summation notation Ti-84 template will be displayed.

Step 2: Assigning the variable and limits

  • Start inserting the sequence of the required values. the cursor will automatically switch to the next box to be filled.
  • Start with assigning the variable which may be as per your desire (x,y, a, or any other).
  • Note that only a single letter will be accepted as a variable.
  • Now Assign the upper and lower limits.
  • Use arrow keys to navigate and mention the upper and lower limit of the function.

Note: Lower limit will be written below the sigma notation while the upper limit will be written on top of the sigma notation.

Here’s a complete video tutorial on how to do summation notation on Ti-84

Step 3: Filling out the required boxes

Now you need to put the function inside the parenthesis brackets.

For example.

  • write 2 inside parenthesis.
  • start parenthesis again and assign a variable(x in this case) of your choice.
  • insert mathematical operation (+,_).
  • close the parenthesis.
  • square it using the symbol.

Now, Press Enter only when you have filled out all the boxes .pressing enter with any box unfilled will leads to an error.

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How to Do Summation Notation When Your Calculator lacks a sigma function?

The sequence function ‘seq’ can be used in order to find out the sum of a function.

To make this function work you need to follow these steps ;

  • Press 2nd, then press ‘STAT’.this will allow you to enter the math menu.
  • Select ‘sum’ from this menu.
  • Select ‘seq’/sequence function .
  • Press enter and it will return the result.


Q: Is Ti 84 capable of solving infinity sums?

The device is designed to work on convergent values only .which means that a finite number of values can finely be solved using this function.

Q: What is the alternate function available for summation?

If your device doesn’t have the summation feature you can evaluate it using the sequence ‘seq’ function. Press 2nd STAT and enter into the MATH menu,  select sum, and then click on the ‘seq’ function. Now, press ENTER to evaluate it.

Q: How many variables can be assigned to do sigma on the Ti-84 calculator?

The Ti 84 calculator works on a single variable at a time.