How to Use Scientific Calculator for Solving Fractions

A basic calculator can help you to solve simple operations. However, a scientific calculator better serves in order to simplify complicated problems of mathematics, physics, and engineering. It can perform multi-functional tasks at a time. for instance, it assists you to solve fractions fastly and accurately.

many of the users are unaware of its time-efficient commands. Here is a complete guide that will make you enable to make optimal use of your device while dealing with fractions.

How to Use Scientific Calculator for Solving Fractions

Here are the main steps to follow:

Step 1: Switch to math mode

Press the mode button on the top right corner of the calculator.

Navigating through the menu select MATH.

When you enter this template your calculator will display ‘MATH’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Note: It is possible that your calculator does need not go through the above-mentioned process. Modified versions of calculators don’t have this function. directly use the fraction button in order to do fractions in such calculators.

Step 2: Locate the fraction tab on your device

Usually, scientific calculators use decimals to display fractions which implies when you write ½ it will read 0.5 .in such a case you need to switch your device to fraction mode.


A black box over a white box or ab/c or x/y button stamped on your calculator allows you to write fractions whether they are proper, improper, whole numbers or mixed numbers, etc.

Step 3: Navigating from Numerator to Denominator

In fraction template, some devices display two boxes one over another while in others, an inverted L is displayed. These boxes allow you to input numbers and distinguish numerator from denominator.

Pressing the shift key before hitting the fraction button allows you to add a box to write series of mixed numbers, for instance 1 ½.

A cursor control button having arrows on the calculator is used to shift from numerator to denominator.

In Calculators with linear displays, there is no need to move the cursor all you need to do is to write integer, numerator, and denominator parts in a sequence.

How to Write an  Improper Fraction

  • Write the required figure in the numerator.
  • Press the a^b/c button and then write the value of the denominator.
  • Press equal for an answer.

How to Change the Answer in Decimal Form

When the answer is in the form of an improper fraction press the a^b/c button and you will get the answer changed in decimal form.

Converting Mixed Number Answer into Improper Fraction

Steps to Follow:

1. Press the SHIFT key.

2 Then press a^b/c key.

How to Convert Decimal Fraction into Improper Fraction

Write the required decimal figure. for example 0.0086

Press equal.

Now press a^b/c.

How to Solve Mixed Numbers on Calculator

For an equation like (1 ½)+(1 ¼)

Insert parenthesis.

Write the fraction using the a^b/c button.

Pressing the fraction button more than once will help you write the integer and fraction parts.

Insert +,-,* ,/ command.

Press equal.

How to Deal When Calculator Does Not Have a Separate Fraction Function

It is not possible to write fractions on calculators lacking the fraction function. However, you can still calculate it using the steps below.

  • Write numerator and press divide key.
  • Then write the denominator.
  • Press equal.
  • The answer will be displayed in decimal form.

Note down the answer using pencil, then multiply it with a number of your choice which would be considered its denominator and the result it will return would be the numerator.

For example, if you want to express 0.6234 as a fraction, you can write it as 6243/10,000. But to reduce it even more or with a single-digit denominator. All you need to do is multiply the original decimal number 0.6234 by your desired number as a denominator.

Let’s suppose you multiply 0.6234 by 5, the answer displayed will be the numerator of that fraction which is 3.1.hence you can consider 3 /5 as its improper fraction form.


Q How to recognize a fraction symbol?

A on a scientific calculator it is denoted by ab/c or d/c or x/y.pressing this key will allow you to deal with fractions.

Q how to move the cursor for writing mixed numbers?

A use cursor control buttons having arrows at its corner to move the cursor from one fraction to another.