Purchasing Power Parity Salary Converter

PPP Salary Converter

Purchasing Power Parity Salary Converter

Convert your salary from one currency to another using PPP

You require a salary of _______ in ‘s local currency to live a similar quality of life as you would with a salary of _______ in ‘s local currency.

The foreign exchange rate tells you that a salary of 80,000 Euros can be converted into 100,000 US Dollars. What it doesn’t tell you is if 100,000 USD in America can get you the same standard of living as 80,000 Euros does in France. How much money would you need in America to buy the same things that you would buy in France?

This is where Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) comes in. Converting your salary using PPP, instead of the exchange rate, helps to give you a better approximation of what your standard of living would be like in two different countries. This can be handy to know if you’re planning on moving, a remote worker, sending money abroad, or many other things.

What is PPP or Purchasing Power Parity Calculator?

Purchasing power parity or PPP converter is a tool used to convert your salary from one currency to another with respect to the present currency exchange rates and the cost of living.

In order to use the PPP salary calculator, you have to first select your home country where you are based, and afterward, you have to write down the salary (in your own currency) that you receive in that country.

The calculator will automatically apply the exchange rates and give you an idea of purchasing power in different countries. You can use a PPP converter to find out the standard of living among different countries and their relative output in terms of their economy.

Thanks to Chriss Ross for designing this calculator.