9 Free Online Math-Solving Tools/Apps

Math involves simple to complex calculations that could take longer to solve. Thanks to different online math solver tools which offer a wide range of services in making the subject easy to comprehend.

Using these math-solving tools one can self-study at home as each of them has some unique features to tackle the monster of math.

These online math platforms are equally helpful for both students and professionals.

Let us dive into their peculiar features for their optimal use.

1: Symbolab – Editor’s Pick Free Math Tool

Symbolab is an interactive math-solving tool that can solve problems related to math, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, physics and chemistry.

A step-by-step detailed guide is provided with each question. The note-taking option in this math tool allows you to note down the necessary details regarding the problem to solve a problem of a similar nature later on.

Practice exercises and puzzle questions are included in the design to improve your math skills.


An intuitive interface gives this tool an edge over its other fellow services. Its easy-to-use interface keeps the user engaged and improves its focus.

In the paid version of this tool, you can access the problems menu and solution steps.

To enjoy all its services online you need to get a paid subscription of $7 monthly or $35 annually.

It also offers instant calculators for finance, date and time, cooking, and fitness.

The notebook option allows you to save the solution to the problem of your choice and review it later.

Cheat sheets are also available to give you a quick review of definite rules regarding a specific topic. It will also help you in handy revision.

2: GeoGebra – Best Online Algebra Solving Tool

GeoGebra is a set of multiple software designed to help teachers and students who deal with mathematics.

This math tool is a mix of dynamic programs that can simplify algebraic equations, plot graphs analyze data, and deal with geometric calculations and STEM studies.


This problem solver allows you to engage with real-life professionals whose expert advice can help you solve complex mathematical problems easily.

This online mathematical tool works for both sides by making the concepts interactive enough and at the same time providing practice activities to internalize and master the skills learned.

GeoGebra also offers online classroom sessions so you need not tire yourself searching online math tutors. Students’ responses and active participation in the class differentiate it from others.

Each math problem is visually explained by using 3D technology. A step-by-step summary is also offered to help students comprehend the solution.

This math tool categorizes math resources for primary and middle-level students, So it is equally helpful for all.

The platform is easily accessible anytime and everywhere. You can install its desktop version on laptops and smartphones.

3: Wolfram Alpha – Most Reliable Online Math Tool Website

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computing website designed for math, algebra, calculus, engineering, geometry, chemistry, physics, and statistics.

The most useful features of this tool are available free of cost, however, the premium version with more advanced features can be unleashed by paying a $7 monthly or $99 yearly subscription.

Subscribing to the Wolfram Alpha app will enable you to use the services for a lifetime.


This platform has subcategorized each subject, giving easy access to the user for a specific set of problems. For instance, there is a separate category for how to find derivatives using the chain rule or product rule.

In Algebra, you can compute linear inequalities, exponential equations, radical equations, polynomial expressions, intercepts, slope of a line and much more.

With its geometrical functions, you can determine the area of a circle, the surface area of a sphere, values of trigonometric functions etc.

For calculus, you can determine local and global extrema, sort out indefinite integrals and derivatives, and compute limits.

Chemistry students can easily do unit conversions, draw structures, compute oxidation states of chemicals and even balance a chemical equation.

Similarly, you can solve word problems in physics related to mechanics like average velocity, displacement, projectile motion, density, thermodynamics, astrophysics, energy conservation, fluid dynamics etc.

4: Microsoft Math Solver – Best Easy to Use Tool

To solve puzzling math problems Microsoft’s Math Solver tool will astonish you in every possible way. It has a variety of features that other online tools don’t have.

It also offers you a mobile app making their services handy. Even handwritten material is acceptable by it. So you can find a solution to any problem utilizing its special features.


Microsoft Math Solver app is supported by iOS and Android systems. You can get one free of cost from the Play Store.

You can snap a handwritten image from a notebook and the app will process it. Besides, you can also type the questions using its math keyboard.

This tool is best for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus. This problem solver can evaluate pre-algebra including LCM, mixed fractions, prime factorization, exponents and radicals.

In algebra, this math tool can assess linear equations, quadratic equations, inequalities etc.

For geometry, it can simplify equations and plot graphs. For calculus students it can assess integrals, derivatives, and limits.

A step-by-step solution is provided to make a strong grip on the concept. Problems of similar nature are given to the students to make them efficient in problem-solving.

A daily practice exercise is also given to students in the app.

5: Mathway – Best for High-level Math

Mathway app is best for basic to high-level math courses. It works best for pre-algebra, complex algebra, some of the areas of calculus, statistics, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics.


For basic mathematical calculations, this tool covers fractions and scientific notations- A detailed explanation is given for each problem for better understanding.

It has a mobile app too. You can upload a picture of the problem or use its keyboard to enter the data.

Some of its features are free while the advanced ones can be used only by paying a subscription of $9 monthly or $39 yearly.

6: Photo Math – Best Math App Photo Tool Online

Photo Math is another incredible website that can untangle math problems easily. It has a pack of math solvers including algebra, basic arithmetic, and trigonometry.

But unlike the above online platforms, it does not support handwritten material for scanning. All you need is to scan directly from the book and the solution is one click apart.

If you are a parent of under grade 5 and want your child to self-study, give this platform a try and kill your worries.


This online math app works by scanning a question, it returns swift and accurate output.

The solution is offered in steps and you can navigate from one page to another to revisit your calculations.

This tool also allows to view the history of the calculations performed online.

Photo Math works best for simple-level algebraic, arithmetic and trigonometric equations. You can say that it is best for the students in high school.

You can use this app free of cost. However, the premium services of virtual tutoring and advanced features will cost a few more bucks to get things going.

This online math app allows you to enjoy the services of both AI and real-life time experts to make your math journey easy.

7: Cymath – A Step-by-Step Math Solver Tool Online

Cymath offers you well-designed problem solvers in a variety of areas. Using this online program you can get fast and accurate solutions to tiring math problems in a single click.

From explaining the answer in detail to reviewing and practicing exercises it has much more to offer.


This math online tool is recommended for basic-level calculations. It has an easy-to-use interface and is famous among students and teachers due to its intuitive nature.

Cymath allows you to scan the image of your problem or you can directly type it in the search box.

This math solver tool can simplify Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and basic arithmetic equations easily in simple steps.

It can also assess Polynomial division, GCF, square root, prime factorization, solve linear equations, mixed fractions, partial fractions, radian, range and simple level differentiation problems.

8: Quick Math – A Free Online Math Problem Solver

Quick Math is another dynamic online mathematic solver that can simplify problems in the least possible time. It can handle basic to mild-level algebraic equations, calculus, and other arithmetic problems.


This online math solver can simplify fractions and expressions. In algebra, you can find factor polynomials, and solve and graph equations and inequalities.

With its calculus math solver, you can compute basic and mild-level differentiation, integration, factorization, expansion matrices, and much more.

Even a fraction is broken down into parts using the expansion command and can be rewritten into number form by using the join fraction option.

Other basic arithmetic functions like GCF and LCM can be easily sorted by this problem solver.

9: Desmos

Desmos is a powerful online tool to create ease in complex math problems. It is commonly famous for its excellent graphing capabilities.

The tool has a four-function calculator, a well-programmed scientific calculator, and a graphing calculator.

Besides it has a geometric tool and a 3D calculator. Test practice exercises are also offered that help the students to master the concepts by repeating them.


If you are scared of the hassle math problems create, the above-mentioned online math solver tools are a lifesaver.

These math solver tools will help you solve any complex mathematical problems.

Do not rely on these tools as these hinder the learning process. Finding quick solutions and not focusing on the steps involved in solving maths shatters critical thinking.

So, use these online math problem solvers to enhance your learning skills and not cheat the material.

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