Do I need to buy a calculator for college?3 min read

The nature of problems becomes simpler to complex when you are leaving your mid-school and entering into high school classes and above. There comes a time in your educational career when your four-function calculator becomes obsolete.

At that time, all you need is a well-equipped device with advanced functions in order to compute complex problems.

Which is the best basic calculator?

A basic calculator is usually a four-function calculator. It usually comes with four functions addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is able to display 8 to 12 characters at a time. These calculators are used in offices and schools. Some of the best basic calculators are listed below.         

  • Casio MS 80B standard calculator
  • Catiga CD 8185 Office and Home calculator
  • Generic basic office calculator
  • Helect calculator, standard function
  • Texas instrument 503 SV
  • Casio HS 8VA

Which calculator is best Ti 89 or Ti 84?

Ti being the leading brand in the market comes with versatile function devices. Both Ti 84 and ti 89 are high-rated gadgets. Yet both the products are specifically designed to fulfil the demands of particular courses.

Ti 89 is best for those majoring in math, calculus, and engineering. Unlike ti 84 plus the unit is equipped with CAS and has the ability to solve complex level trigonometric, algebraic, and logarithmic equations. It can figure out derivatives and integrals also. The device is cheaper than ti 84.

On the other hand, Ti 84 is best for pre-algebra and pre-calculus, basic statistics, finance physics, chemistry, etc. It takes an edge over ti 89 on the basis of its speedy processor, backlit display, and ample storage.

It also has an impressive collection of pre-installed apps. These include conic graphing, inequality graphing, the periodic table, equation solver, and various others.

Casio vs Sharp calculators

If you are looking for durable and efficient electronic devices, Texas Instrument, Casio, and Sharp have remained the market leaders. However, each of them has its own area of focus.

Depending on the customer need these companies to come up with a wide range of devices, including scientific, engineering and business, etc.

Where one offers advanced technology, the other focuses more on producing necessary functions while imposing less burden on the customer’s pocket.

Sharp calculators are well known for their wide display, enough storage, and speedy calculations. Usually, these devices are loaded with numerous functions.

From school to professional level studies Sharp offers an extensive range of devices. They produce different desktop calculators, printing calculators, handheld calculators, business calculators, engineering calculators, etc.

Casio is an iconic brand in the field of electronics. The thing which makes it popular amongst its cutthroat competitors is its budget-friendly price.

The brand has a huge collection of devices for high school to advance level studies. It has upgraded the devices to meet the criteria of professional studies of current times.

It is one of its prominent properties that the company designs its products by keeping in focus the educational need of a student.

For example, the article fx-115es plus is one of its highly ranked products. The device is designed in such a way that it fulfils the needs of a high school grade student. The unit has all the necessary functions for the beginner level.

However in order to prevent students from any ambiguity, the more advanced (unnecessary functions that are not required at such level) are not made part of the design.

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